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Fwd: To the FBI

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Dear Elliot Ness wanna-be,

My former attorney, of Clarksburg, West Virginia, perjured himself in a murder trial in New York State in the fall of 2012. He testified that the defendant in the case was with him at the time of the murder. Tom admitted to me in the car that he was not. I do not know the town or the case specifics, but I remember very clearly Tom telling me that what he was going to testify was a pure fabrication. HE MADE UP THE GUY'S ALIBI. 

In general, Mr. Dyer profits from his extensive interpersonal relationships within the WV court system. He represents his clients only to the extent that his effort will not diminish his reputation or his power. He has admitted to me that he was under pressure from friends to not represent a 3rd party friend, Dr. Saad Mossallati, in a civil suit. Tom represented him anyway, and lost the case, missing obvious pieces of evidence that any marginally competent attorney couldn't have (I was present at this trial and noted the glaring questions he failed to ask which would have won the case for Dr. Mossallati). 

Attorney Dyer is close friends with the Prosecuting Attorney of Harrison County, Joe Shaffer, and he and Mr. Shaffer talk in private and negotiate cushy deals on behalf of friends. For example, a woman filed a sexual harassment claim against a patron of Mr. Dyer's father's Clarksburg Country Club, also in 2012. The woman was seeking criminal charges against this patron. Instead, she was pressured by her employer, the elder Dyer, to quash the incident. The younger Dyer, Tom the attorney, used his influence in the prosecutor's office to have things calmed down from that end.  

Recently, as you are definitely aware, Mr. Dyer was instrumental in getting our Chief of Police and his chief deputy, (Marshall Goff and Lt. Smith), fired, for their participation our local "corruption" scandal. Mr. Dyer encouraged the reporting officer in the incidents to come to him with their evidence, and he forwarded this along to you, in hopes of the result which has been occurring. Mr. Lopez, our councilman, has not resigned yet.

Finally, Mr. Dyer, this time acting as the attorney for the plaintiff, the family of deceased Teresa Rollins, pressured the Nicholas County prosecutor to file murder charges against Ms. Rollin's husband, which the prosecutor VEHEMENTLY didn't wish to do. There was a LARGE amount of money available to the family from Mrs. Rollins's life insurance company, which was intended to be paid to her husband, which Mr. Dyer sought for the family (and of course his contingency fee). Because these charges were filed, I believe Mr. Rollins lost his ability to recover HIS money, and Mr. Dyer profited handsomely. Tom Dyer threatened the Nicholas County prosecuting attorney. 

Most heinously, Mr. Dyer used his influence with the Prosecutor's Office more than 10 years ago to get his son out of a murder or manslaughter charge. His son was driving intoxicated on Rt. 19 near Rosebud Plaza in Clarksburg, when he hit a, I believe homeless man, wondering in the road in the middle of the night. For corroborating testimony, contact Tyler Romine of Clarksburg, son of Dr. Romine.

If you want to investigate corruption in North Central WVa, your investigation cannot start HIGHER than if you start with Tom Dyer. If you continue to allow him a license to practice law, you're not much of a Board of Anything.


Alexander Wolf Weinstein
Independent for Congress, 1st District of WVa, 2014

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"Okay Now You Can Come Kill Me" on YouTube

Chris you're the expert on this how did I do? Also major Mary Ann Claytor is a great Ally I'm glad you followed her.


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Re: Highland Clarksburg

The Rebellion has begun!

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Am writing to inform you that there is more junk on highland then Mr. Key has stated. The activities director has been haveing an affair with one of the patients and wouldn't you know two investigations show no wrong doings. Then there is the fact that the patients are allowed to work so may hours and get payed for it but once they reach that number the can do as much " volunteer" work as they want. So more less slave work and then it takes a job away from someone in the community that's looking for employment. The sewer bust at least once a month if we are lucky and there has even been sewage running down the elevator wall several times. One of the patients was power washing and chipped some concrete and the person supervising him didn't tell him hey u need to stop she let him continue then accused him of destruction of property. Then there are several hard workers who  deserve  promotions but instead they go to upper managements family or close friends. Here's another there has been several employees pushed out of positions or fired because of their sexual orientation.The food they serve is often way under cooked and raw or so over cooked you can not bite into it. There is plenty more but this should help you some. Sorry this has to be anonymous But I am just a concerned staff member that lives in fear of losing my job. This is just stuff done recently.

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